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How does a bio ethanol burner work ?
This revolutionary product is a combination of a flue free fire with a ceramic burner that burns on bio-ethanol.
The incomparable difference between this Bio Flame burner and other similar burners is that the Ruby Decor burner consists of a ceramic stone, which absorbs the bio-ethanol liquid. When the liquid comes in contact with the air, it turns into gas. Therefore, it is not the liquid, but the gas that burns. This makes the Bio Flame Burner safe, easily flammable with a continuously burning flame.

What is bio ethanol ?
Bio ethanol is a liquid fuel, made from environmentally friendly materials. It is the fuel of the future and is promoted by many environmental organizations.

Where can I get bio ethanol liquid ?
You can easily find bio ethanol fuel and bio ethanol burnersí accessories in the concerned markets. Or you can contact to with which we work together and we can suggest without any hesitation.

Is there any necessity to clean or care the burner ?
No, it is not necessary. Please see this web page for detailed information.
What is the safety guarantee ?
There is a 100% safety guarantee provided the product is used according to the userís manual. All products are assembled by hand what provides additional quality check.

Do you need additional ventilation ?
It is not necessary. Any working gravitational ventilation should guarantee an air exchange in a room of 1 per hour which is required for the use of Flying Cavalries products. This is normal ventilation in any premises build according to planning permissions and building regulations. The exceptions are long fireplaces where additional ventilation might be necessary together with a need to install grate for air circulation below the product.

Are bio ethanol Fires safe for children and animals ?
Due to high temperatures keep children and animals away from the product. While burning the product is very hot and touching it may cause burns.

How to store bio ethanol liquid fuel ?
You should keep it away from any source of fire, children and pets.

Can I move the product ?
You can only move portable products while they are not burning and there is no fuel in the reservoir. Under no circumstances a burning product should be moved.

What must I never do ?
You can never pour bio ethanol liquid while the fire is burning or while the burner is hot.

What are the things I have to be careful during the usage of these Coffee Tables ?
While the fire is burning, do not keep any flammable items such as alcohol, perfume and such as flammable items closer than 60 cm of the burner unit. During the fire is burning or it is extinguished but still hot, do not keep the glasses of alcohol or bottles or any item which can be burned easily in case the liquid fall over and cause any risk of fire.
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