Flying Cavalries is a company set up in London, UK, in 2010. It is located in the heart of the industrial- and interior-design sector. The company consists of a dedicated pair of designers, one of whom is a fully-qualified architect, and the other a fully-qualified product designer. Both have a reputation for possessing an artist's sensibility and vision in their projects.

This young team always find creative solutions to design problems and they are able to translate the requirements of customers into successful design proposals. It is their ability to produce bespoke designs using professional illustrations and the ingenious use of materials that make these designers succesful.

Previously Flying Cavalries have focussed on interior design, and have for many years created custom designed products for their clients. They have put the experience gained there, and their unceasing enthusiasm, into their new project of designing and producing unique pieces of furniture and fireplaces. Their main aim has always been to create extraordinary items and they embrace and use cutting edge technologies in their design process. They have always taken their ecological responsibilities seriously, have always used, and continue to use, eco-friendly and natural materials in their projects. Their philosophy is to blend passion and creativity in perfect harmony whilst also finding flexible, adaptable, and functional solutions in their designs.
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Flying Cavalries is a company set up in London, UK in 2010 in the area of industrial designing, interior designing.
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